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Bulma has some unfitting news. Such actions DO have consequences Vegeta!

This is based off a fancomic by one of my most inspired Vegeta/Bulma artists on the internet known as Gwendy, almost all older V/B fans have known or seen her work before floating around on the internet. She was on hiatus and then I lost contact of her new work until my old request picture appeared on Deviantart and I found her, I had the pleasure of talking to her and it was wonderful ^^ She is an AMAZING artist and I truely have much respect for her, please check out her stuff!

ORIGINAL FANCOMIC by Gwendy: http://browse.deviantart.com/?order=5&q=vegeta#/d36cdwt4

Original artist and idea by Qwendy: http://gwendy85.deviantart.com/

Gwendy's website 'Vegeta and Bulma's Sanctuary': http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/vegetafamilysaga/middleframes.html

Vegeta: Chromegloss55
Bulma: MsDBZbabe

Chromegloss55's youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/chromegloss55

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