5 Cool Matchstick Tricks You Should Try by I Love Creativity   3 years ago


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In this video we will cover 5 cool matchstick tricks which will blow away your mind. Certainly it will !!

1 - Flying Matchstick
Igniting a matchstick in such a way so that it will fly in the air. ( Cool Huh !! )

2 - Matchstick Re-burn
Igniting Matchstick again after burning

3 - Matchstick Explosion
Putting 4 or more matchstick together with strip can actually produce a blast with pretty amount of smoke,

4 - Matchstick Puzzle
Solving a puzzle in which you have to remove the coin without falling of matchstick

5 -Auto-Matchstick
By using a typical method you can actually open matchstick box by just levitating your hand

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