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Top 10 Games that Trolled the Cheaters & Pirates
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These are games found a way to catch, punish and otherwise totally troll people who tried to cheat or pirate their games - and it’s pretty hilarious. Some games add intentional glitches, other lock you in elevators, and others still put you in situations you can’t win - but if you’re trying to game the system here, the system games you! Welcome to and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Ways that Games Have Gotten Back at Cheaters & Pirates!

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00:39 #10: Invincible Enemies - "Serious Sam 3: BFE"
01:35 #9: Close, But No Cigar - "Mirror's Edge"
02:12 #8: Brutal Spitefullness - “Earthbound”
02:54 #7: Cheaters Purgatory - “Dark Souls 2”
03:44 #6: Halting Progress - "The Talos Principle"
04:36 #5: Lack of Abilities - "Batman: Arkham Asylum"
05:23 #4: Drunk Cameraman - "Grand Theft Auto IV"
06:10 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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