Tom Hiddleston Steamy SEX Scene In BBC New Show by Hollywood Notario   2 years ago


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Tom Hiddleston is getting girls everywhere go crazy over him. First was with his steamy shirtless pics now with a steamy scene from his bbc Sunday night drama. Fans had a total meltdown while watching the small screen adaptation of the John Le Carre spy novel during its latest episode with his very racy sex scene. In the series The actor, took his relationship with Jed Marshal, played by Elizabeth Debicki to a whole new level on Sunday, heating up a hotel room. The pair finally gave in into their weeks of flirting, having sex against the hotel room wall while Jed's boyfriend Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie) was downstairs. In the steamy scene Tom has Elizabeth pinned against the wall. And he revealed quite a bit as well. Fans went crazy as they took to twitter to share their excitement. 'Nice buns tonight @twhiddleston' tweeted one user, while another stated 'How the Hell am I supposed to get to sleep now? Suspense, beautiful locations, drama and #TomHiddleston's bottom.' While another stated 'Everyone's attracted to you, Jed there summarising how the internet feels about Tom Hiddleston in one sentence,'

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