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Fun with Gelli Baff Subscribe pls: Today Sammie is going to have a lot of fun with Gelli Baff :) This is awesome !! He had a bath in slime already a few weeks ago, but this is something different. The slime is available for children over 5 years old, so something for Sammie. But nobody can eat it :) He is delighted. Gelli Baff is very easy to make. It is in the small package. Daddy filled in the bath with the water and inserted in the magic powder. He chose the blue color, so color of water. Sammie got dressed a outfit for swimming. He went into the blue bath, and he decided to have a lovely and relaxing time. Daddy mixed the blue powder with warm water so Sammie had very nice warm bath :) He invited his little friends to play with him , a figure of Spider Man and Iron Man:) He had really nice time in the bathe. After the bath Daddy put into the slime a magic whit powder. This powder dissolves a slime, it turned into the water again. So it is not a problem to wash a bath and get rid of the slime. Very interesting experiment :)

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