REVIEW: The Life of Pablo by jacksfilms   2 years ago


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"Ultralight Beam" sets the album's tone for a more ethereal sound, unequivocally unapologetic. Classic Kanye.

"Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1" nearly has a "Graduation" throwback to the Kanye of 10 years ago.

"Pt. 2" makes me want to set fire to a hospital

"Famous" has been quoted incessantly in the media for the now infamous Taylor Swift callout. Though it's a fun line, it asks the listener - nay, demands the listener - to rethink gender stereotypical transient modulations.

"Feedback" sucks

"Low Lights" uses a unique mix of classical piano with synth beats, once again reinventing music. Classic Kanye. Such a genius

"Highlights" features mayhaps the catchiest hook West has ever used in a track.

"Freestyle 4" is more proof West has nothing on Eminem but aw does he try

"I Love Kanye" was the soundbite used in the SNL ep with that guy from Good Neighbor

"Waves" - ah yes, now we come to what once was the title track, before the title so famously and chaotically changed amongst tweets and media publishings. It's aight

"FML" features a more somber, human West. Syke he cray

"Real Friends" - you've heard this one. We've all heard this one. It's actually pretty tight. Good on you, West. More of this please.

"Wolves" NEEDS FIXIN. Luckily West tweeted he will.

"Silver Surfer Intermission" - what the fuck is this shit

"30 hours" - get ready to bounce and grind and hump and fuck to this club hit

"No More Parties In LA" - funkiest grove in a West song yet. Consequently, I too hate parties in LA. We should grab a beer, Mr. West.

"Facts (Charlie Heat Version)" - this sounds rushed

"Fade" features a groove that closes the album out nicely

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REVIEW: The Life of Pablo