Ultimate's DBZ Short's | Bulma Jumps Vegeta by xXUltimate2000Xx   8 years ago


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Well, this video has been down for a long time. It was originally uploaded to my main channel, but was removed. I don't exactly know why it was removed. I don't even remember being notified of its removal. Anyway, I've decided to upload it here. It's a spoof of "Lois Jumps Peter" from Family Guy, which is also one of my favorite TV shows. I made this video about a year and a half ago with MsDBZbabe. it was our first collab video. Enjoy =D.

Bulma: MsDBZbabe

Vegeta: UltimateDBZFan2000 (xXUltimate2000Xx)

Art by: MsDBZbabe