Devilish Triggers 😈 Firey Soft Spoken Triggers for Sleep by Gibi ASMR   2 months ago


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Ahaha. The part two. See the angel triggers here:

I wanted to do more brash/soft spoken/louder triggers for the devil compared to the very light, soft angelic video. These are more of my favorite triggers.... funnily enough lol!! Hope you enjoy her sass. c:

0:00 - Intro
1:20 - Match Lighting
4:10 - Candle Lighting and Tapping
5:50 - Lipstick Tapping and Bottle Sounds
8:35 - Tapping on a Glass Bottle
11:30 - Voodoo Doll Scratching
14:50 - Microphone Scratching
18:10 - Tapping On a Box
19:00 - Match Lighting Part 2
21:10 - Tapping on Wood
22:25 - Liquid Sounds in a Glass Bottle
23:00 - Tapping on a Glass Bottle Part 2

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