The Truth About Steve From Blue's Clues by Nicki Swift   2 years ago


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For seven years, actor Steve Burns hosted Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues. The hit kids show made them feel like they were playing along at home. Steve somehow walked the fine line between weird and endearing, often staring directly into the camera for extreme close-ups to engage his tiny audience—and he was incredibly fond of mail for some reason. But at the height of his fame, the character of Steve headed off to college, leaving the big red thinking chair open for his "little brother Joe," played by Donovan Patton. Meanwhile, actor-Steve hung up his green striped shirt and khakis, and walked away from children's television forever. Blue's Clues lasted a few more years after that, but whatever happened to Burns? We pieced together the clues and solved the case of just who Steve is beyond the stripes...

Why did Steve Burns leave the show? | 0:49
Death rumors | 1:26
About that music career | 2:20
He's not worried about money | 2:59
He was one of People's most eligible bachelors | 3:34
He got conned by a stripper and her mother | 4:03

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