When This Woman Took A Selfie With Her Horse, People Spotted The Cruelty She’d Tried To Conceal by watchjojo animals   2 months ago


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When This Woman Took A Selfie With Her Horse, People Spotted The Cruelty She’d Tried To Conceal
On the surface, one young woman appeared to be an exemplary equestrian. She exercised her horse regularly, for instance, and her selfies with the animal seemed to suggest she cared for him. And it was only when certain photographs of the pair appeared on social media that people eventually noticed the immense suffering that the horse had endured.

That young woman, moreover, was Charlotte McPherson, who comes from the town of Kidderminster in central England. The 22-year-old was a keen equestrian and owned a ten-year-old former racehorse called Thor, whom she would ride twice a week. When she wasn’t with Thor, though, she kept the thoroughbred at stables in the nearby hamlet of Stourton.
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And as well as those bi-weekly rides, McPherson and Thor also participated in organized equestrian events. In spring 2016, for example, they attended a nearby fun ride hosted by the Bissell Wood Equestrian Centre. The course for the center’s rides are usually about seven miles in length and pass through the local countryside.

What’s more, the entry fee for the Bissell Wood ride also covered a veterinary check-up for the animals participating. So, before the event got underway, an experienced vet went around the horses involved to assess their health and readiness for the course. When he got to McPherson and Thor, though, it was hard for the animal expert to make any detailed evaluation.


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