SAFE & EASY Japanese Foil Ball DIY!! NO Hammer, NO Sandpaper! How To Make Foil Ball Viral DIY by Maqaroon   3 months ago


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I love the polished japanese foil ball trend however most of the videos I watched used heavy duty tools to produce the final result. This video shows you a safer "light" version of this DIY which doesn't require hammering or sanding. Instead of a hammer, I simply used a second roll of tinfoil. Of course, you can also use the same roll but take care not to rip it. It works best if there's a lot of foil left because that makes it much heavier. When working, the most important tip is to keep turning the ball all the time. Just like needle felting, this helps you create a perfectly round sphere since you can see it from every angle.

You can get the ball fairly shiny just by hammering, and since this is a "child safe" version of the tinfoil ball DIY, I decided to leave out sanding or polishing. I personally wouldn't recommend sanding at all because of the aluminum dust. Microscopic bits of metal is never a good thing to have around! However if you want to take it a step further, then use rubber gloves and a metal polishing paste to shine up the surface (credit to Threadbanger Foil Ball video).

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Aluminum Foil: Get the cheapest brand from any supermarket or dollar store! Cheaper foils actually work better because they're thinner and compress more easily.

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