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DragonBall AF - The Super Tuffle Movie DBAF Animation Movie
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Gohan Finally meets his father again (goku) as goku and vegeta was relaxing from saving the day, there was breaking news on The TV there was a unstoppable being destroying the planet goku and vegeta was furious that this was happening as they flew to the city they have found bulma and others beated down torn down tired Vegeta is wondering who did all of this to the city? they would soon find out that being was a powerful man named Tuffle Come from the power race of saiyans and never doubt his powers he will not be stopped
This Animation is very amazing im glad to have upload it and share it with the rest of the DragonBall Fans I enjoy DBZ Animations and hopefully you guys will to, Share & like The Video It shows Support! The Quality has been decreased and the video has been fitted to fit widescreen to see the original video click here
Ok guys, i just want you to know this: i didn't make this video, i simply asked permission of the creator of the flash animation (MajinRyan) to post it on youtube for other people to watch, since no one ever posted it the time i did.
this is simply me recording the flash animation from start to finish, and posting it on youtube for fun, i didn't even say i made it, and i don't want people to think i did make it or said i did.
just wanted to be clear, i only uploaded it for all of you DBZ Fans
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